Kru Mark Nardone

Kru Mark

Kru Mark Nardone began his training in the United Kingdom under Kru Ian Cocks and the auspices of Master Sken, Master Woody (Grand Master Chinawut Sirisompan) and the British Thai Boxing Council in 1986. Over several years he trained and fought under both Rama and Sitnarong camps, and in 1990 after receiving his Brown III Krang Ruang and Assistant Instructor Award from Master Woody, came to the US to study Sports Medicine. Finding few people in the US had even heard of Thai Boxing, he opened what was Boston's first authentic Muay Thai school in 1993.

With over 25 years of Martial Arts and fitness training experience, Kru Mark is recognized and certified by the Association Institute of Thai Martial Arts and the Kru Muay Thai Association of Thailand as an Assistant Master (Porcha Arjarn) in Muay Thai and Muay Boran. He is a certified Muay Thai Judge and Referee under the World Muay Thai Federation, and part of the International panel at the 2009 World Amatuer Muay Thai Champrionships. Kru Mark opened what was Boston's first authentic Muay Thai School in 1993, has taught self defense and fitness classes for women, run programs for the Police Athletic League, consulted on local movie projects on fight coordination, has been featured numerous times in Boston news media and continues to train successful fighters who compete in Muay Thai and MMA up to UFC level.

Kru Mark is the Head Instructor of SitSuphan and has been given the rank of Arjarn or Master by the Kru Muay Association of Thailand and the Thai Government's Conservatory of Muay Thai. Kru Mark has taught students and instructors at Chaos MMA in Concord NH, Xtreme Martial Arts in Medford, Simmler Academy in Worcester, Team Link Muay Thai in Worcester, Wai Kru in Allston, and Trifecta MMA in Quincy.

Kru Mark has been tasked by Grand Master Chinawut Sirisompan and the Kry Muay Assocation of Thailand to assist in the promotion and recognition of teachers of authentic Muay Thai throughout the US. In 2010 Kru Mark was appointed the US representative to the Thai Government's Conservatory of Muay Thai and the World Muay Thai Federation. In 2013 Kru Mark was appointed Interim Vice President of the World Muaythai Federation.

Kru Mark has successfully trained multiple fighters from local to Professional UFC Level in Muay Thai and MMA. He is also available for Private lessons if a student requires personal attention or would like to advance quicker.